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Can you do a gif with text of the scene of JD’s fantasy in which he gets Turk’s butt and then sings Brick House?
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Clementine | Season Two

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The Little Mermaid TV Series: Gabriella

Remember when Disney had a cute, deaf, poc mermaid?

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remember when u were like 11 and the only thing u wanted was a lava lamp

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So my boyfriend did a thing.


My boyfriend of over 2 years sent me a game over skype. He said he wants to try and make Pokemon games since I play them so much. I opened it up and was super excited.


It seemed really well done and was super ready to start on my adventure!


He left a lot of cute notes and tips around town.


He remembered my favorite Kanto starter.<3


I was surprised it ran pretty well. I went on my journey and leveled up my Pokemon!


He showed me support and encouragement through a ton of NPC dialogue.


Then as im ending the game I come across this.



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"Dean? Oh, he’s in here, but he can’t play right now."

"Dean? Oh, he’s in here, but he can’t play right now."

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